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Online Training Courses are now available for purchase online (contact for free trial course). Interactive 3D graphics and rich media create a unique online training experience (video below). Over 40 courses focused upon engines and electrical/electronic diagnostics enabling any technician to enhance their skill sets on a wide variety of topics. Managers can track progress and see where additional training is needed.


What We Do

Turn-key Technician Training

Pro-MECH utilizes online course material as preparatory material for classroom based, instructor-led training. Pro-MECH's programs focus on skills required to diagnose and repair equipment right the first time.


Online Learning Courses

Pro-MECH's catalog of eLearning courses provides an online approach to technician training. Courses cover a wide array of subjects, from general concepts to in-depth focused material, fitting the needs of any size shop or fleet.


Custom Training

Pro-MECH can build custom programs designed at your request to meet your unique training needs. Custom programs can be online or classroom based.


Shop Operations Services

Our team of experienced instructors and operations managers provide an external view to your organization's service procedure and processes, identifying areas of strength along with areas where improvements can be made.


Elite and Relief Squad

Pro-MECH has a team of highly skilled technicians that will come to your shop to work on and fix your most troubled vehicles (Elite Squad), or fill in as temporary replacements for your technicians while they attend training (Relief Squad).


Resource Center

The Resource Center gives technicians access to Pro-MECH online learning content as well as other internet training resources. This "plug and play" work station requires no IT department involvement and is completely independent of your company's networking infrastructure.


Pro-MECH Knowledge Surveys

Assess Your Technician's Need for Training

Use our Knowledge Surveys to assess your technicians in key subject areas. Results from fleet surveys from around the country can be seen in the graph below.

Pro-MECH Knowledge Surveys: Average Scores

Electrical Skills and Diagnostics

Emissions Controls

Brake Systems

What this Means:
Low Average Scores = Poor Diagnostic Performance

Proper technician training has the following benefits:

  • Reduction in diagnostic time with more accurate diagnosis
  • Decrease in unnecessary parts expenditures
  • Decrease in unscheduled shop visits
  • Increase in technician productivity and shop morale
  • Higher technician retention


Training Programs

Introduction to Emissions Systems and Electrical Diagnostics

Intro to Tier 4 and Basic Electrical Diagnostics

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Intro to Emissions and Electrical Diagnostics

One-day introductory class that provides a high level introduction to emissions control systems, individual components, and some of the issues that these components introduce into maintenance and service of today's equipment.

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Electrical Fundamentals

Volts, Ohms, and Amps

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Electrical Fundamentals

Blended learning core program for teaching essential electrical fundamental skills: Volts, Ohms, and Amps. Focus Areas: Voltage drop, battery testing, drag testing, back probing, amp draw, charging/starting systems, parasitic draw, wire repair with key focus on the use of a Digital Multimeter.

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Electrical/Electronic Systems and Diagnostics

Frequency, Duty Cycle, and Pulse Width Modulation

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Electrical/Electronic Systems and Diagnostics

Blended learning program for teaching essential electrical fundamental skills: Pulse Width Modulation, Frequency, and Duty Cycle. Focus Areas: cold start system training, relays, sensors and actuators, ECM, and logical diagnostics using Pro-MECH designed simulators utilizing the Digital Multimeter for all facets of this training.

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Integrated Emissions Systems

Advanced electrical and diagnostics training

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Integrated Emissions Systems

Technical aspects of current Tier 4 emissions systems and effective diagnostics procedures in a two-day training. PID data analysis (computer hook up) and how to interpret the information coming from the ECM. Electrical and electronic diagnostics utilizing digital multimeter as essential tool for practical application.

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Hubs Brakes and Wheel-Ends

Covers all aspects from the Axle to the Hub

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Hubs, Brakes and Wheel-Ends Training Program

Teaches essential skills needed for the maintenance and replacement of most major components surrounding the truck and trailer chassis. How to diagnose potential problems before they become a DOT citation or a liability, the latest regulations, and new products.

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Online Training Bundles

Online only training programs

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Online Training Bundles

The most valuable content we offer at highly discounted pricing. The Electrical Systems and Emissions Systems Bundle each contain seven online courses with the most important concepts conveyed through 3D interactive graphics.

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Interactive 3D Graphics


Unique Online Training

Train from anywhere, anytime with interactive 3D graphics and rich media creating a unique online training experience. These interactive graphics help technicians retain the information conveyed, resulting in a more effective learning experience. Our online training also has knowledge-checks interspersed throughout, ensuring that technicians are absorbing the information being transferred. No matter how large or small your operation is, eLearning courses are a great use of technician downtime. Pro-MECH strives to help reduce the burden of technician training on Fleet Management.


  • We've never encountered a company that offers the full range of capabilities and effectiveness of Pro‑MECH in a turn-key fashion. I recommend them to all my NationaLease colleagues and any other fleet operator that needs what we needed last fall.

    Will Carson, President, Leroy Holding Company
  • To date, I haven't seen anything that addresses our industry better than the content of your curriculum. Once we get our program underway I will put you in touch with our leadership so they can see Pro‑MECH's value and recommend it to our members.

    Jim Ryan, VP of Operations, Kris Way Truck Leasing
  • As a large national fleet, we see the value of training our mechanics as well as our drivers. Your curriculum provides us a great tool to do this. With today's changing technology and the minimal training that is available from the truck manufacturers I can see that your timing is perfect.

    Ken Johnson, CEO, Leonard's Express
  • The clincher for us happened at the end of the classes. On the last day we asked if Pro‑MECH's instructors would take a look at a truck that had been down since November and nobody could fix its no start problem... Terry Rivers, their Chief Vehicle Technology Officer, analyzed the problem within 15 minutes and personally crawled under the truck with our master tech to fix it.

    Sebastian Gaeta, VP of Operations, Leoni NationaLease

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