Blended Learning Approach

1. Knowledge Survey

Analyzes areas where training can have the most impact and where knowledge gaps lie

2. eLearning

Online course material designed to provide core concepts and foundational skills as preparatory tools for our ILT

3. ILT

Hands-on activities that apply the concepts delivered in class. Quizzes included to ensure that attendees are understanding the content.

4. Implementation

Apply to shop operations: Understand that technicians are the key to profitability and need to be developed for maximum effectiveness

Our Services

Turn-key Technician Training

Pro-MECH's technician development programs are turn-key skills development curricula designed to provide technicians with the capabilities they need to diagnose and repair the most common issues causing downtime for fleets. The goal of Pro-MECH's technician development programs is to focus on the key skills areas of diagnostics, maintenance and repair for all of the essential vehicle system components of today's equipment.

Pro-MECH's turn-key approach to technician development also removes the burden of technician training from fleet executives. Pro-MECH manages and supports all aspects of these programs. When implemented and enforced properly, these programs can result in a 50% or more reduction in downtime and related costs.

The content and structure of each program is designed to target your workforce's knowledge and skills gap. These are not one-off courses but technician development solutions that every part of the organization can benefit from. The benefits of Pro-MECH's technician development programs typically exceed their cost before they are completed.

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Online Learning Courses

Pro-MECH’s catalog of eLearning courses provides an online approach to technician training. Our courses cover a wide array of subjects, all focused on training your technicians to more effectively diagnose and repair common issues that down trucks. When technicians put these new skills to use, your shop will become more efficient and profitable.

While eLearning can never replace hands-on practice, it is a very effective tool to convey key concepts and enables management to keep track of course completion and scores through our Learning Management System.

Pro-MECH's training methodology enhances learning by:

  • Using real world examples of issues that technicians face on a daily basis on the shop floor
  • Allowing technicians to train anytime anywhere, utilizing downtime to complete these web-based courses
  • Utilizing 3D virtual reality interactive tools and other state-of-the-art learning technology
  • Technicians receive a 1-year license to each course, allowing them to refresh their knowledge as time goes on

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Custom Training

Sometimes our customers ask us to develop something that we currently do not have as an offering. Pro-MECH is ready and capable of building custom courses that are unique to your environment and technician base. These custom programs can take the form of instructor-led, classroom based trainings, custom-built online course material or a combination of both approaches. Pro-MECH customers can also utilize Pro-MECH's learning management system (LMS) platform as an outsourced LMS complete with your branding, reporting capability and learning content. Custom program can employ any or all of the components Pro-MECH utilizes for its own program solutions:

Knowledge Surveys: Optional online skills questionnaires to determine potential knowledge gaps.

Online Course Material: Online learning courses teach fundamental skills and concepts that do not necessarily need to be taught in a classroom setting.

Instructor-led Training: Classroom and workshop training with an emphasis on hands-on skills development with our Master Technicians.

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Shop Operations Services

Operational performance is critical to shops large and small. Sometimes the need for an objective business processes review is essential for a streamlined and efficient business operation from the top down. Pro-MECH's team of experienced service managers and executives provide an external view to your organization's service procedure and processes, identifying areas of strength along with areas where improvements can be made to the way your service department operates.

Some key areas where Pro-MECH can assist your operational effectiveness:

  1. Analyzing the engagement between the parts and service departments
  2. Identifying the correct talent for key positions in the organization
  3. Shop-bay management and facility layout
  4. Talent retention and optimization
  5. Optimizing the service writing process
  6. PM inspection and process
  7. Proper mechanic training and program definition
  8. Tools assessment: Does the shop have the right tools to effectively do the jobs being asked of them
  9. Fleet analysis: equipment assessment as it relates to fleet capability

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Elite and Relief Squad

Many facilities are unable to keep up with the constant flow of downed equipment needing technician attention. We also appreciate the hesitation of companies taking their techs off the shop floor in order to get the valuable training they need.

Pro-MECH has a team of very skilled and Pro-MECH trained technicians that will come to your shop to either work on and fix your most troubled vehicles (Elite Squad), or fill in as temporary replacements for your technicians while they attend training (Relief Squad).

To support our Elite and Relief Squad services, Pro-MECH carries liability insurance that protects our customers in the event of unforeseen situations and accidents. Rest assured that you are protected when you engage Pro-MECH for temporary technician services.

Get downed vehicles repaired and back to making money for you. We want your toughest trucks! No matter what your service need is, Pro-MECH has the answer.

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TechSpedite Accelerated Entry Level Tech Program

Pro-MECH's Entry Level Technician Program is a four-week intensive training program that teaches technicians with very limited skills or brand new entrants into the heavy-duty maintenance field the core skills they will need in order to contribute to maintenance operations on the first day of their employment.

This is a highly-focused program that teaches a very specific subset of skills. Key areas of focus center around basic equipment maintenance, DOT inspection as well as preventive maintenance inspections and follow up service.

Subject areas:

  • Shop Safety
  • Brakes, Wheel-Ends, ABS, Suspension
  • FHWA Inspection/Preventive Maintenance
  • Basic Electrical and more

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Knowledge Surveys

The key to building an effective technician training program is to best understand where gaps in skills and functional knowledge exist. An essential component of Pro-MECH's Technician Development Programs are the pre-program knowledge surveys technicians take to highlight deficiencies in skill areas that can be focused upon in training programs. The knowledge surveys currently target emissions systems, electric and electrical diagnostics and brake systems. Each survey is comprised of 20 questions of varying difficulty that are designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the technician base. The surveys are analyzed by Pro-MECH and documented for our customers. The analytics delivered by the report assist our customers in understanding the value and importance of technician development as well as provide a baseline to gauge improvement throughout the development program.


  • Management understands where skills gaps exist
  • Can be used as an onboarding tool for Human Resources
  • Performance can be linked to lost revenue and costs
  • Questions can be structured to determine technician classification levels

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