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Accelerated Entry Level Technician Program

Pro-MECH's Entry Level Technician Program is a four-week intensive training program that teaches technicians with very limited skills or brand new entrants into the heavy-duty maintenance field the core skills they will need in order to contribute to maintenance operations on the first day of their employment. This is a highly-focused program that teaches a very specific subset of skills. Key areas of focus center around basic equipment maintenance, DOT inspection as well as preventive maintenance inspections and follow up service. The program allocates a significant amount of time dedicated to hands-on, shop based lab work to ensure the concepts students are being taught in the classroom can be executed on the shop floor.

Focus Areas: Shop Safety, Brakes, ABS, Wheel-Ends, Trailer Floors, Body, Suspension, Trailer Doors, Basic Electrical, FHWA Inspection, Preventive Maintenance Inspection

Length of Training: Four Weeks - Class Size 12-15
Location: Pro-MECH Training Center, Avon, NY  
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Subject Area Details

Shop Safety: Proper use of tooling, proper PPE, and along with ergonomic conditions is incorporated into each segment to reduce workman compensation claims and the safety of the potential employee

Brakes (Drum and Disk): Have the general knowledge to replace lining, inspect for s-cam and s-cam bushing free-play and inspect drums and rotors

ABS: General knowledge of the functionality of the system, replace sensors, and conduct a blink code inspection

Wheel-Ends: Be proficient in adjustment of wheel-end play, replacement of wheel bearings, races and wheel seals

Trailer Floors: Be able to replace and section delaminated or damage floor areas utilizing skills saw, drill and floor screw driver

Basic Electrical: Have knowledge to analyze and repair defective lighting issues, whether it be a lamp replacement, short, or defective light base by utilizing a digital multimeter

FHWA Inspection: Ability to Conduct an FHWA Inspection; analytical ability to identify defects and report out on any necessary repairs or adjustments needed

Preventive Maintenance Inspection:

Truck components, descriptions and locations

Proper PM tools and equipment

Lubrication: Reviews the essentials of lubrication for service technicians as well as
the components and operation of a heavy-duty diesel engine and their lubrication needs

Coolants and Anti-freeze: Provides a basic understanding of engine cooling system parts and operation and extended life coolant/anti-freeze performance specifications and coolant/anti-freeze challenges

Performing a PM: Preventive Maintenance Inspection, PM schedules, essentials of lubrication for service technicians, the need and benefit of oil analysis, chassis requirements and PM adjustments, lube point locations

Electrical fundamentals: record and clear DTCs, volts/ohms/amps diagnostics and repair on two-wire electrical circuits

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